Using Silicone Gel Sheets For Keloid Scars (Everything You Should Know)

While finding some of the best possible ways to get rid of keloid scars, I figured I would be crazy to leave this effective method out. So, I’m here to help you discover what you need to know about these silicone gel sheets. Do silicone gel sheets work with keloid scars?...

In general, ever since it was introduced over 30 years ago, silicone gel sheets have greatly impacted scar management. Silicone gel sheets help to reduce the appearance of keloid scars by improving the height, color, and texture. They are also capable of preventing keloid scars from forming.

Now that you know that silicone gel sheets do work, you can safely use them on your keloid scars. However, there are a few things you should know to get a better understanding of how they work...

What Are Silicone Gel Sheets?

Just as the name implies, it consists of 100% medical-grade silicone that is safe for your skin.  Silicone is the #1 recommended ingredient by dermatologists and plastic surgeons to treat scars.  It has such a low risk of irritation, that it is used for all skin types.

The silicone gel sheets are reinforced by fabric or plastic. Fabric backed sheets are made to hide keloid scars, and plastic backings are transparent and less noticeable. They resemble nicotine or lidocaine patches, and like lidocaine patches, they can be cut to size.

By rinsing in between uses, the patches can be reused a number of times, depending on how thick the sheet of silicone is. The silicone gel sheets are self-adherent and contour to the body to ensure full contact on keloid scars.  And due to the nature of silicone, these patches are waterproof and odorless.

How Do They Work On Keloids?

When the skin heals itself from trauma, sometimes it goes overboard with the amount of collagen it uses.  And this is what results in scars, particularly keloid scars.  Silicone mimics the skin’s natural moisture barrier and hydrates the top layer to help the skin itself.

It helps with the regulation and breaks down excessive collagen.  And as a result, it softens and flattens the keloid scar. Silicone gel sheets that are backed with fabric have the added benefit of protecting the scar from the sun, this is helpful in keeping the scar from darkening.

As for newly formed scars, silicone gel sheets are an added barrier from invasive bacteria on the skin’s surface. Because of its hydrating properties, itching and irritation are minimized, allowing the skin to heal quicker.

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Silicone Gel Sheets That Works Best For Keloids

Luckily silicone gel sheets don’t necessarily have to be prescribed by your local doctor. However, like anything else, you’ll want to be sure that what you’re getting will actually work. So which ones are best for keloid scars?...

1.) Aroamas Professional Silicone Gel Sheets

Aroamas Professional Sheets are well known and recommended by surgeons, hospitals and dermatologists. It has been proven through many studies to be efficient in keloid scar removal whether they’re new or old. What I like the most is that it contains a drug-free formula for those who tend to shy away from those methods.

2.) Puriderma Medical Silicone Gel Sheets

This one comes with special made woven film material for breathability and protection for ultraviolet rays. It’s made to apply slight pressure on the keloid imitating your skin’s natural ability to heal. Even better, it also blends in with most skin tones to minimize it’s visibility so you wouldn’t need to be shy in public while wearing it.

3.) Vanish Professional Silicone Scar Removal Sheets

The Vanish Pro scar removal sheets are a bit different as they lack the gel ingredient but still provide the same results. They provide extra protection against your clothing along with friction and bacteria. It is also known to be safe for children as well as pregnant women and those with sensitive skin.

There are many other brands but after doing some thorough research, I’ve found these to be the most effective. It’s been said by many customers that these particular silicone sheets worked great with fading and minimizing the appearance of their keloids. So I would definitely give them a shot with no hesitation.

Best Practices When Using Silicone Gel Sheets

It’s sure to be a headache to use scar sheets and not see results. And pushing to reduce keloid scars takes a lot of work. So, I want to be sure that you take the proper precautions to get the best out of this treatment.

Be sure to clean the affected area before using the silicone gel sheets. Any dirt and oil that has accumulated on the surface of the skin will make a difficult to keep the scar covered. You might also find that excessive sweating could make it difficult to keep the patch in place.

When using silicone gel sheets, it is recommended that you give your skin time to adapt. To do this, wear the patch for 4-8 hours for the first few days. Follow these steps for everyday use:
  • Clean and dry the surface of the scarred region.
  • Cut the sheet to your desired length and width.
  • Peel off the plastic protective film to expose the silicone gel.
  • Place the sheet, gel side, over your keloid scar.
  • Every 4-6 hours, rinse and dry the patch before placing it on your keloid scar again.
Repeat these steps until the silicone sheet isn’t adhering well to your skin. Most patches are reusable for up to 24 hours. When you stay consistent with this method you should see results in a considerable amount of time.

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Are There Any Side Effects?

There hasn’t been anything major reported as far as side effects. Only some cases of a rashing that is either associated with poor hygiene or applying the sheet too tight on the scarred area.

Just be mindful not to apply ointments or skin cream with the gel sheets. And do not cover any acne breakout areas of the skin with the sheets. Should a rash or any skin irritation persists, be sure to contact your local physician immediately.

Related Questions:

When should I start using silicone gel sheets on my keloids?: The best time to use silicone gel sheets is 1-2 weeks after the wound has healed.  Using a silicone gel sheet earlier in a keloid scar’s formation will greatly minimize the appearance and speed up recovery.

How long does it take silicone gel sheets to reduce keloid scars?: The duration of the healing process with silicone gel sheets depends on the age and severity of your keloids. Generally, people see improvement within the first 2 weeks, but silicone gel sheets aren’t a quick fix.  It can take a long as 12 to 14 weeks to get your desired results.

Can you shower with silicone sheets?: It isn’t recommended to shower with silicone gel sheets on. Your skin underneath should be regularly cleaned to minimize infection and irritation brought on by the skin’s healing process.  The silicone patches should also be cleaned in between uses to keep them effective.

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